Things Learned in the Department of Management Science

What is Management?

Management is also in the perspective of sales and economics, but more focused on the activities of managing, planning, and managing (management) all the methods in the factory to achieve goals.

The Management aspect is a scientific perspective that studies the condition of factory or corporation activities, which are currently related to economics and also efforts to sell. If Quipperian understands Management Science, then he wants to get used to being a “brain” person like Aang in the Avatar series. If Aang managed the world’s division, you would manage a real factory wheel of activities covering plant management policy, construction, sales strategy, employment and staffing, engineering management, commerce, administration, approach to non-profit construction.

There are many who want to study Management. Because there are so many who want to study Management, this guide is often the top 3 choices at SBMPTN. even though the position is in the Soshum family, people who are interested in Management are not enough IPS students. There’s no need to ask again, how many science students follow the guidelines at the SBMPTN and also screen the Management Study Program.

Self-management with the usual method is understood as a method of planning, configuring, willing, and also enforcing the bones of a goal. In essence, management is a procedure or procedure for managing a configuration – from an economic perspective, especially for a factory.

1. Dasar Ekonomi

because Management is a collected aspect of the Faculty of Economics, you will still get the Introductory Economics course. In this course, you will be taught basic economic matters. Starting from microeconomics to far. Not only that, this course in management does not just examine design, but you will examine various levels of tabulation as well as economic formulas that are really useful for completing analysis and programming at various levels of matters related to the economics section of selling efforts.

2. Dasar Akuntansi

Lectures for management purposes don’t mean you stay away from courses that require you to calculate. even though management’s and accounting’s intentions are 2 opposing intentions, in Management’s intent you always train yourself in Introduction to Accounting. In this course, you familiarize yourself with the basics of accounting that function in managing everything related to finance, such as analyzing company financial statements to schedule financial strategies for the following year. This management course aims to deepen the realization of accounting that you have learned in high school.

3. Matematika Bisnis

You still have free time to familiarize yourself with Mathematics before? The difference is, in this one management objective course, the mathematical procedures that you learn are more related to the method in terms of effort. because Mathematics in terms of effort is very useful for companies to record and also manage the hardening of the business side. These management-oriented courses cover statistics, calculus, mathematical logic, and the like. It’s not enough theory, but you learn programming languages ​​that really help you create simpler analysis, management, and programming methods such as python, R, and others, depending on the lecturer at the university who teaches you.

4. Mata Kuliah Manajemen Lainnya

If you are a member of management, of course, on management’s behalf, you will initiate various courses related to management. These courses include financial management, management management, human resource management, trade management, strategic management, and many more.

the probability of a position that has a management degree can be said to be empty because it can cover various types of positions and also various levels of positions. With the provision of knowledge learned in lectures, in general management knowledge expertise can be a selling point to be proud of. Therefore, you don’t have to be confused about what to do and where after the results come later.

apply as normal, the average initial income of management graduates is in the range of Rp. 5,000,000, with positions on the ladder of workers from limited majors in a company. Even so, this amount really depends on skill, place of action, ladder entered, and experience possessed.

position in the field of economics and finance as the main preference for the completion of this goal. Even so, basically there are a lot of skills that you can develop by making sense to act in other fields, such as research, intermediary, innovation, and others. Even worse, each major in the company requires someone who has a qualified understanding of the management department. you are also ready to become an entrepreneur and start your own business according to your instructions.